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VillaJazz is located in Kaş district of Antalya province, one of the most distinguished holiday resorts in Turkey, and on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, the most exclusive region of this district. It is located right across the island of Meis and when you sit on its veranda, a panoramic view of the sea and the islands welcomes you. In this place where you are, you can rest in a natural environment by only hearing the sound of the waves, and when you go only 4 km, you will find yourself in the middle of entertainment and crowds in the center of Kaş. You can reach the sea 100 meters down from the villa by stairs, or you can go to one of the most famous beach facilities where you can find all kinds of food and beverage opportunities 200 meters ahead, or you can cool off in the regularly maintained 40 square meter pool. You can prepare your own food in the villa, where you can find all kinds of kitchen equipment, as well as you can taste the exclusive and special menu of Kaş's best-known restaurant, just 200 meters away. Despite being in the middle of so many possibilities, you will find yourself in an autonomous and secluded environment thanks to the special location of the villa.

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Opportunities For Guests

Free WiFi

Air Condition for Every Room

24/7 Hot Water

Satellite TV & Netflix

Washing Machine

Dish Washer


Coffee Machine

Tea Machine

Oven & Cooker

Microwave Oven



Hair Dryer

We Are Different

A Handy Option

The private and autonomous nature of the villa provides an ideal accommodation for a large group (family or group of friends). Like a boutique hotel, it provides the opportunity to stay in groups in separate places without disturbing each other, as well as to spend time together in the same outdoor space. It is unique as it is. 

Features and Accommodation Capacity of the Villa

Why Are We Different?

The villa complex consists of three different sections using the same environment, section A, B and C. Parts A and B are classically furnished and each consists of two rooms and a living room. Section C is a small section furnished in a modern style. All sections can comfortably accommodate a total of 10 people. With this architectural structure, the villa can keep a large family of up to 10 people together during the day, as well as providing the opportunity to spend the night in separate places without disturbing each other. Or it provides an ideal setting, day or night, for two or three families who know each other. Sections can be opened according to the number of people and if desired, only one section or two or three sections can be kept together. Only the held section or sections are put into service and other sections are closed so that they can take a vacation autonomously.   


Pricing & Payments

Prices are determined daily. Minimum stay is 7 nights. 7-night payment is requested even if guests stay for shorter periods. However, in special cases (such as religious holidays, weekends) reservations can be made at different prices. 25% of the total price is requested on the date of reservation. In case of cancellation of the reservation, this fee is non-refundable. The rest of the payment is collected at the latest on the day of entering the villa. 10% of the total amount is added to the price as a deposit and will be refunded to the guest on the day of departure, if no damage is observed. 

Note: A cleaning fee of 1000 TL is requested from the guests once for each rental period. Intermediate cleaning service can be provided for long-term stays if the guest requests it, provided that the fee is paid. 

t: Bulent Butun

GSM: +90 533 568 3300

01 Haziran - 23 Haziran

GÜNLÜK: 7.000 TL / HAFTALIK: 49.000 TL

24 Haziran - 31 Ağustos

GÜNLÜK: 10.000 TL / HAFTALIK: 70.000 TL

01 Eylül - 30 Eylül

GÜNLÜK: 8.500 TL / HAFTALIK: 59.500 TL

01 Ekim - 31 Ekim

GÜNLÜK: 7.000 TL / HAFTALIK: 49.000 TL

01 Kasım - 30 Kasım

GÜNLÜK: 6.000 TL / HAFTALIK: 42.000 TL

01 Aralık - 31 Aralık

GÜNLÜK: 6.000 TL / HAFTALIK: 42.000 TL


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